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  From Africa to the World 
  Sustainably sourced cosmetic raw ingredients   

About Phytoafrica

Phytoafrica is a family owned company that specialises in the manufacturing and supply of unrefined plant oils of African origin. We are committed to community development and environmental protection. We work in rural communities to source only wild collected seeds that are then graded to ensure quality unrefined plant oils are produced. All our oils are non-GMO, vegan and not tested on animals. With strong presence in Africa and Europe, we can ensure a reliable and price competitive supply chain. We currently supply to an extensive number of health and personal care brands in 28 countries.


The Phytoafrica multilingual team of experts in Africa and Europe ensures fast customer service and global supply assurance. Concentrating on a select number of raw ingredients allows us to have extensive knowledge about our products and ensure quality and stock availability.



Phytoafrica has offices in Tanzania and Germany. Our Tanzania office is responsible for sourcing and production. Our German office keeps stocks, conducts quality analysis and ensures fast distribution worldwide. It also means we are able to ship both small and bulk quantities at an economical cost.


We are a leading regional producer of Mafura Butter, Marula Oil, Baobab Oil as well as other African plant oils on demand.



We are committed to sustainable development through environmental, economic and social actions. We are especially passionate about creating employment for young men and elderly women in rural areas. We partner with various women's groups for the collection of seeds and create employment for young men through the transportation of raw material to production facilities.



Closely monitored production planning and the keeping of sufficient stock at our warehouses in Africa and Europe ensures reliability of supply and quick response time.


Tight process control starting from the collection of seeds to packaging ensures consistent quality. Quality of the oil is further validated at a German laboratory.


Connecting production in Africa and professional logistics in Europe ensures a cost effective supply chain. We are able to supply both small and bulk quantities at competitive prices.


As a family business, we strive to establish long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We are also committed to the sustainable 

environmental protection

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