Mafura Butter

Nourishes and
softens the skin
Ideal for
soap making
An excellent
hair conditioner

What is Mafura Butter?

Mafura butter is a highly moisturizing butter that is extracted from the seeds of the Mafura tree (also known as Trichilia Emetica or Natal Mahogany). The Butter is widely used in the Southern African region, especially in Mozambique and Zimbabwe, as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. It is also used medically to treat rheumatism and heal wounds.

Benefits of Mafura Butter

  • It is a non-drying oil that quickly absorbs in the skin
  • It softens and improves the elasticity of the skin
  • Essential fatty acids contribute towards maintaining a healthy skin
  • Encourages regeneration of cells without clogging pores
  • Has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • It spreads easily on the skin hence can also be used in massage products
  • It heals and nourishes dry cracked skin
  • Excellent as a hair conditioner
  • Ideal moisturizer to strengthen and softens natural hair
  • Alleviates dry and itchy scalp

Mafura Butter reviews

“Why is Mafura butter great for the skin? It is rich in palmatic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids: fatty acids that are vital for good health, and for natural skin care. In fact, many of the skin care products you see on the shelves today are sought after simply because they contain these acids. They are the ‘new’ anti-aging ingredients”.
Editorial Today

“The most intriguing and worthwhile discoveries have actually been around for centuries or longer – Mafura butter is one of those’ new’ discoveries, and definitely deserves a place alongside your other favorite natural skin care treatment”

“I really love Mafura Butter. It soft and spreads easily and absorbs into the skin quickly. I also tried it on my hair and I am quite pleased with how soft and manageable it made my hair”. Jane Richards, London

“We think its one of the most intriguing and worthwhile discoveries – Mafura butter is one of those discoveries we love to chat about and it deserves a place with your favourite natural skin products on your bathroom shelf”. The Olive Work-shop

“Mafura butter, extracted as part of the same process when extracting the oil, is not edible, and is used in soap and candle making, as a body ointment, as fuel, and medicinally”. Wikipedia