Natural and unrefined plant oils

Phytoafrica is a family owned company that specializes in the supply of unrefined plant oils of African origin. All our oils are non-GMO, vegan and not tested on animals. With strong presence both in Africa and Europe, we can ensure a reliable and price competitive supply chain. We ship worldwide.

Amazing Mafura Butter

Rich in essential fatty acids, wild collected, cold processed and unrefined, Phytoafrica Mafura Butter is a pure natural ingredient. Long used in several Southern African countries as an effective skin and hair moisturizer, Mafura Butter is now increasingly being utilised in the making of skin lotions, lip balms, body butters, soaps as well as hair moisturizers and conditioners. It is the perfect natural ingredient to distinguish your products.

Pure Marula Oil

Our 100% unrefined Marula Oil is cold pressed from the wild collected seeds of the Marula tree, which occurs naturally throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The seeds of the Marula fruit are dried in the sun and then cold pressed to obtain the valuable oil. The oil is light and easily absorbed into the skin. It is also rich in oleic acid and it is very stable in cosmetic formulations.

Unrefined Baobab Oil

The Baobab tree grows in various countries in Southern Africa and it is often referred to as the Tree of Life due to its many uses in local communities. Phytoafrica's unrefined Baobab Oil is derived from the cold pressing of wild collected seeds of the Baobab fruit. Baobab oil is ideal for numerous cosmetics applications because it is very stable, it easily absorbs into the skin and it is highly moisturizing.

Mafura Butter for skin, hair and pet care

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